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 Ali “Zoe” Adam was born in Jereme Haiti. He is nationally known by his street moniker "ZOE". At the youthful age of 9, Adam family decided to migrate to the U.S. (Miami) to escape poverty in his homeland.

While his family was being patient for the American dream to happen, Adam impatient went and created his own understanding of America dream by starting a gang of Haitian immigrants infamously know as the ZOE POUND. The gang begins pirating boats in the port of Miami for drugs.

So if thereafter the robbing became too dangerous, he started to import cocaine from his native homeland of Haiti. So for the Haitian to understand that Ali was the connect was no drugs there would no money and no honey. He began to distributing cocaine up the south coast of Mississippi, S.C., Memphis up the east coast, taking over other organization territories by any means.

ZOE"S was known for violence and symbol is the Haitian flag. As Adam the was also known for Haitian pride. They identify themselves as "ZOE put him in the company of  ZOE POUND crew reputation grew all the Haitians all over the world started to replicate of entertainers. That he would later extort for millions of dollars. Adam rein came to an end when he was indicted in Cali, Florida, and New York city for C.C.E (Continue Criminal Enterprise) of 6,300 kilos & money laundering over 75 million with 12 other charges. He is now currently in federal prison. Since being incarcerated he has authored a book called Hip-Hop Black Republican  Party. Through the Hip Hop Republican Party, which sales on Amazon. He started a website called, clothing line, etc. Adam has also founded the Hip-Hop Black Republican Party. Through the Hip-Hop Republican Party, Adam is bringing blacks back to their original party. The party of conservatism. The party that freed the blacks, the real party of LINCOLN." years later this would send Paramount Films in the search of Ali Adam and pay him over six-figure to use the word ZOE POUND Which they used in the movie Bad Boy 2 using the word 7 times in the movie) Adam would go onto Found house Of Fire Records.